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Flu Vaccinations Posted on 21 Feb 2020

We now have confirmed delivery for both of our adult flu vaccines (one for under 65's and one for over 65 years).  We will be holding our  Flu Clinics this year, and all eligible Clarendon MC patients aged over 18 who qualify and ALL patients aged 65 and over (by 31.3.2020) are encouraged to turn up on one of the days.

Clinics will be held on Wednesday 2nd October between 7am and 12.30pm and Thursday 10th October between 2pm and 5.30pm.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting to hear when the children’s nasal flu vaccine will be delivered to us.  We have been told this is likely to be October / November. This is this same situation for all GP surgeries, not just CMC.

Housebound and can’t get to the surgery to get your flu jab? Not a problem, just give us a ring at the surgery on 0161 368 5224. Patients or carers are welcome to call and book an appointment for someone who is genuinely housebound who we may not be aware of, e.g they may have just come out of hospital and are temporarily unable to leave their home.  Please note, housebound does not mean that someone does not have transport or access to transport.  A housebound patient is someone who is bed or chair bound, either temporarily, or permanently.

Why have your vaccination at YOUR GP Surgery?

We offer a setting where we can check your medical records and make sure you get the most suitable vaccine

We can offer protection for those who may be forgetful by reducing the risk of duplication in vaccines being administered

We offer a fast, efficient and friendly flu clinic service with your local surgery team (and we really enjoy our drop in flu clinic sessions, it gives us a nice break from our ‘normal’ work)

We can ensure continuity of care for our patients and carers (we know you already)

We have already ordered a flu vaccination for all eligible patients registered with us. We have to do this and assure NHS England we have enough vaccines for everyone. We have to buy the vaccines for you and we can only return limited numbers that go unused, and the rest have to be paid for by the surgery.

Please book your appointment to receive your vaccination at Clarendon Medical Centre, we have bought your vaccine and want to protect you!

Flu Vaccination Campaign 2019

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